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Our clients are the heart of what we do. We have been fortunate that good friends have become clients and clients have become good friends. We love what we do and we are happy to say that our clients seem to feel the same way!

Leslie Martinez


Antonia was such a delight to go through my home buying process with. As a first time home buyer, what I didn’t know about the process could’ve been daunting but Antonia and all the team she recommended to me along the way made the journey educational and empowering while facing the various deciosions that go into choosing and pursuing a home. She’s so responsive, invested, and earnest along the way. I am very grateful we found each other right here on Zillow! I am now living in my new home and enjoying every inch of it! Thank you so much Ton!



We had a great experience working with Antonia! We found Antonia through Zillow when we were just starting to look for a house, and she was really helpful right off the bat. She provided a lot of helpful information about the home buying process and gave us a good idea about what to expect.

Serena Lorien


Lisa-Marie was fantastic to work with! She goes the extra mile, is very detail oriented and stays in constant communication to make the process flow as smoothly as possible. We sold our house with Lisa-Marie, which was emotional for us due to us having completely gutted and remodeled it with the original plan for it to be our long term/ possible forever home, but working with her made this transition so much better and so much less stressful. She worked hard to make each showing the best it could be and upon negotiation, we received our asking price! I highly recommend working with Lisa-Marie when you want a genuine, caring and thorough agent and avoiding those car salesman types who don't really care about your needs and wants.



Without Antonia, we would not have this house. Going up against five+ other offers, she used the tight relationship she fostered (in like two days) with the selling agent to get ours accepted. We are in love with her and our new house. She's good at what she does, she's a great negotiator, has instincts that saved us multiple times, and above all, she's a wonderful person. Highly recommend!

Annelise Jorgensen


Lisa-Marie is an amazing realtor. She seriously goes ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! She is there to help answer every single crazy question I had, and repeat them when I got so excited about the new house I would forget. She worked so hard to get me my dream home. I would recommend her to all my friends and family. I've worked with a few different realtors, even one with their own tv show. And it would be so hard to get things answered in a timely manner, but Lisa-Marie is there all the time to answer all your questions and then some! I won't be using another realtor in the LA area now that I’ve found her. Literally above and beyond from her.

Katherine Ransohoff


I feel incredibly lucky that Zillow randomly connected me with Antonia and she became my agent for my first home buying experience. Antonia went above and beyond throughout the process and always made me feel like a priority even though my budget was not huge for L.A. standards. Her help was invaluable at every step of the process, from figuring out exactly what I wanted to putting in an offer to doing inspections and closing escrow. My new home is perfect for me and I got a good deal because of Antonia's knowledge and negotiation skills. Antonia is also a warm and fun person who I was very happy to spend time with throughout the process and I will definitely stay in touch with. Hire Antonia! She rules!

Mayka Choma


There is much gratitude and thoughts I want to express in this review. My realtor Antonia Pennington, but first my friend took me on a fantastic journey of acquiring my first home. I fell in love with the home instantly. But as anyone knows, to actually get it, in California, is like winning the lottery. However, I did not leave it up to chance. Antonia guided the whole process with her expertise, wise negotiation, and intuition. She assembled the most credible and experienced team of professionals, which is an absolute necessity in order to reach the ultimate goal. So even though this process was like a dream with a happy end, I know now, that nothing was left to chance. In Antonia’s hands, I felt, supported and secure. Antonia proved that she has my best interest absolutely on top of her priorities. Alleviating my stress and keeping my sober optimism in a perspective. Thank you, Antonia, and Natalie from Movement Mortgage for making this homeowner very happy, just in time for Christmas.

Cindi Stonetyler


Antonia made our search process easy and comfortable. Responsive and detailed oriented-she knows her stuff. She handled everything needed and many extras. Her knowledge of the market and how it related to our needs brought us success quickly. Antonia is a true professional!

Jane Lammerding


My husband and I were connected with Antonia Pennington via Zillow. We were impressed with her professionalism and friendly personality right from the start. Antonia contacted us in advance to understand what we were looking for and our requirements. From there, in addition to the initial property we requested to view, she provided us with a few more quality properties that met our criteria. We quickly found a property. Antonia's professionalism as a realtor was very helpful in the negotiations, contract and closing processes. With the sale complete, an added bonus for us was the fact her husband Brad is a general contractor ( We contracted with him for painting and home improvement projects prior to moving in and we were very pleased with his company's work.

Jeroen Alexander


Antonia has nothing been amazing! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell in the LA area. Most importantly: trust, integrity, responsiveness, diligence, communication… all spectacular. She’s 200% on top of stuff, and will guide you through the process with expertise and clarity. She’s a fantastic person who is a pleasure to work with. The entire experience has been superb. She absolutely goes above and beyond to make the process less stressful, and get maximum value.

Emily Michaels


Antonia came strongly referred by a friend and was a true miracle worker for us! We are first time home buyers and were hesitant to even get started with the pre-approval process. She was understanding and encouraging and finally got us going. Our budget and desired neighborhood weren't exactly a match so were worried from the start that we wouldn't be able to find anything that fit our parameters, or that it would take a long time. Antonia was great about sending links to listings to learn what we were looking for in a house and what we were willing to compromise. She was extremely knowledgeable, savvy and strategic about the entire offer process, and in the end we got the first house we looked at and offered on (this is way outside the norm for LA!). We totally trusted her through the offer and escrow process and she more than delivered. We would highly recommend Antonia to anyone looking for a new home.

Esther Weon


I couldn't have asked for a better partner in navigating one of my biggest life milestones than Antonia. The only reason that I am now living in a house (that I own, and that I am head-over-heels in love with) is because she stuck by me and gave me invaluable advice through a grueling 3 months of non-stop searching. Antonia really cares. I know that every single real estate agent out there says that they care, but Antonia really puts in the legwork and research to show how invested she is in your success. When I planned a weeklong trip to house hunt in LA, Antonia picked me up from the airport to go on a string of open houses. We chatted and texted almost daily for 3 months. She gave me real estate podcasts to listen to, advice on how to find a competitive lender and insurance provider, and walked me through the mountains of intimidating paperwork and terminology that came with this new territory. She was also my de facto therapist, as she walked me through the terrifying nerves and self-doubt and burnout that come with buying a home. Antonia really wants to see you in your dream home, and pays careful attention to your must-haves and dealbreakers. She knows when to push back on your impossible standards, and when to go full-force into finding that gem in the rough for you. We had to switch tactics several times – from single family homes to condos to townhomes, from downtown to the Valley to East LA – and Antonia was optimistic, patient, and flexible each time. She really went through the whole journey of figuring out what I needed, instead of pressuring me into committing to the first house I saw. For 3 months, we were in the trenches together. No matter how ambitious I was for a given weekend ("let's do 10 listings this Saturday!"), Antonia was always ready to go, bright and early. She always printed out all the listings we were looking at that day, got to the home 20+ min early, took notes as she walked through the homes, and charmed every single agent running the open house. Another thing that I admire about Antonia is how much she wants everyone involved to win. This wasn't a quality I really thought to look for when I first started looking for a home, but looking back, I'm so glad she is as open, overly communicative, and considerate as she is – not just to me, but to the seller's team as well. Antonia charmed everyone, and it wasn't just for show – she really wanted to reach an agreement where I would be happy, but also that the seller and their agent would feel like it was a fair deal. She exemplified the whole idea that you don’t have to be cutthroat to succeed in this business – you just have to build honest relationships with people, work hard, and roll graciously with the punches. And finally, one thing that I think really speaks to Antonia's character is how involved she's stayed after closing. I'd heard horror stories of other people's agents disappearing off the face of the earth as soon as they earned their commission. Antonia is STILL texting me, making sure I'm moving in okay, following up with my sellers about outstanding issues, sending me interior design inspiration, etc. She is a real estate agent turned friend, and I really feel like I can depend on her if any emergency came up, even now. All in all, Antonia made what could've been a really demoralizing and intimidating process into an educational and exciting one. I won't lie and say it was easy, but I will say that she made it so much more manageable than I could have ever hoped. There's a reason she's been so successful with multiple clients besides myself this past year. Do yourself a favor, and work with Antonia – she will comb through all of Los Angeles County (and beyond!) looking for your dream home. No matter how hairy and intimidating the process may get for you, you can rest assured that Antonia would hold your hand through every step of it.

Peter Orlanski


Antonia is amazing. So full of knowledge and has a great upbeat personality. She's always on the lookout for me for real estate and good real estate podcasts. She helped me narrow down what I was looking for by really taking the time to get to know me and taught me valuable lessons about myself and real estate. If you want someone on your team that makes your team better, she's the one.

William Proulx


Look no further. With Antonia's help, we were able to purchase our first home in a red-hot market. She did everything in her power to make the transaction go smoothly and get us the best deal possible. What sets her apart is not only her tireless work ethic but also her ability to build strong connections with everyone involved in the transaction. Once we opened Escrow, Antonia was on top of every little detail by helping us gather all of the necessary documents, schedule inspections, and review each report with us very carefully. She was very honest about everything and helped come up with action plans to tackle any of our concerns. Antonia was by our side at every step of the process and answered all of our questions extremely quickly. Her communication skills are top-notch and we couldn’t be more appreciative of her time. We can’t recommend her enough!

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