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Antonia grew up in Bulgaria in a small town on the Danube river. Her childhood revolved around the family business and needs, getting up early to tend to everyday activities. She learned from a very early age the value of working hard, helping others and never taking anything for granted. With high morals, integrity, honesty and work ethics, she gained the respect of many throughout her careers and friendships.

As a young adult arriving in California, Antonia learned the great lesson of how to be completely independent, adjust to a new culture and continue to grow in her career achievements. Her first job in Los Angeles was working retail which helped her practice and develop her English language skills. She quickly got promoted and was managing big retail clothing stores in Studio city, Santa Monica and Venice beach within just a few years.

Her experience in customer service and sales put her in great position to pursue her real dream job to serve others as a Realtor and become more independent while raising her 2 children - Luke and Kris.

Antonia's integrity and ability to listen to her client's needs is priority number one and she treats every client as a luxury client, she cares and goes above and beyond.

Her value proposition does not end with "close of escrow", it goes past that with her partnership with her husband, who as a general contractor offers his services for home remodels, repairs or anything at all that her clients need.

If you want to be successful in what you do, you have to surround yourself with the right people, whether that's your Lender, your home inspection providers, your home insurance agents etc...your value proposition extends and the goal is to create a long lasting client - realtor relationship.

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